About us

We are an organization and all youth deaf members from 18 to 35 years old from Slovakia
are welcome in our organization. SACDY is abbreviation of our name Slovak Association of
the Clubs for Deaf Youth.

Who we are?

President Marek Kanaš
Secretary general Jaroslav Cehlárik
Committee members Pavel Škrabák
Auditor Erika Ďuricová
Auditor Roman Polášek

How do we work?

The SACDY members committee has voluntary sessions and then he sends all important
information to his members. We are all coming together at general session twice a year
when all members are coming to our club in Hlohovec.

What are we doing and why is it good to be a SACDY member?

  • we are arranging typical youth events (camping, hiking, skiing…)
  • we are making lectures about Youth Deaf World
  • we are participating in international activities of deaf people
  • we are supporting the culture of Deaf by organizing traditional festival of the Deaf humor (HUKON)
  • we are developing our identify in many cultural activities
  • we are regularly organizing camps for deaf youth all around the Slovakia
  • we are making exchange stays in Slovakia and also in Europe
  • we cooperate on working on magazine NEPKO for young people
  • we are representing and protecting the rights and interests of the Deaf Youth in Slovakia
  • we are trying to make better conditions in communication
  • we are cooperating with international organizations through ZODMSP in Slovakia
  • we are informing each other about news
  • we are presenting our opinions but also respecting each others