Prednáška SIDE v POSN 

V dňa 18.1.2018 v klube POSN výskumný pracovník SIDE Marek Kanaš informoval o našej práci SIDE o štatistikách o prieskume mládeže a Národnej správe. On 18.1.2018 in the POSN club researcher SIDE Marek Kanas have informed about our SIDE work about statistics on survey of youth and National Report. SIDE projekt je spolufinancovaný Európskou úniou […]

SIDE – Supporting Innovative Models For Deaf Youth Empowerment 

Video: Anglická verzia: The aim of the project is to develop a blended learning model based on visual languages/arts and aimed at the acquisition of key and professional competences by deaf young people, so to support their transition from education to work. Deaf youth, like other persons with disabilities, struggle in today’s labour market and […]